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My favourite boots rejuvenated!

This is the second time I have had these boots resoled and reheeled by Original Cobblers - I wear them all the time in the winter so they take a lot of hammering. They have come back as good as new. This is a marvellous service, worth every penny, and what better way to do our bit for the planet than keeping perfectly good boots going rather than throwing them out and buying a new pair? Thank you, Martin, for rescuing my boots again!

Absolutely fabulous

I went to the shop for advice in relation to re-soling my Wolverines. 

The gentleman I spoke with was knowledgeable and offered a solution which wasn’t the more expensive option I was thinking about  

The boots were turned around quickly and posted back to me the very next day  

The work has been completed to a very high standard -  and I’m seriously fussy  

I’ll definitely be back to have work done on other boots and recommend this company to others.   

Thank you very much  



From Ugly Duckling Into Swans!

I had been searching in vain to find a cobbler who might rescue by beloved brown leather Hobbs boots. They were several years old and well worn to the point the welt was well gone and I had been turned away by several local cobblers. 

A kind traditional cobbler (not Timpsons) recommended Shoe-Repairs/Original Cobblers. I initially emailed my boot situation and the service was great from start to finish. 

But today when I opened up the box it was a delight to see my old ugly duckling boots transformed in to the former glory and now wearable with pride. 

louboutin heels

Sent my louboutins in for a simple heel tip replacment, these small heels dont last long and i dont trust my local guy anymore after he snapped the heel of my Jimmy's. i was told repairs can take upto three weeks but they will use the original size heel not a large bit of rubber cut to fit. two days later they're back looking like new, no glue or ink all over the shoe, the heels are the same height and balanced. I paid £30 but i guess you get what you pay for now days and it did include all the postage costs so im well happy.

happy girl T