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Hillwalking boots

I have used Original Cobblers several times for my shoe and boot repairs. I am very pleased indeed with the replacement of the vibram soles on my 35 year old hillwalking boots-think it is the fourth time they have been resoled!  No doubt there are cheaper options out there, but the quality of their work and service are excellent and represent good value.


Alastair Duncan       

Perfect job!

It has taken nearly two years to find someone who can add a 2cm raise to one of my shoes - Original Cobblers have done a perfect job!  I would recommend them to anyone who needs this type of work on their shoes.

The process was simple.  I posted a shoe that needed a raise together with an old shoe that had a raise, and 10 days later my new raised shoe came back.  I'm now looking for a new pair of shoes to send to Orignal Cobblers.

Jean, Oxfordshire

RM Williams repairs

Hi, I would just like to thank the team for an excellent repair to my RM Williams boots. I know that it has not been easy for any of us during the Covid crisis but the Original Cobbler team made it so easy to arrange my repairs. I spent ages looking for a specialist repairer for my boots. I asked at the retailer where I bought them and they said "don't know... try sending them to Australia" - not great. However, the retailer in Marlborough (sorry I forget the name) gave me the Original Cobbler contacts details and everything was plain sailing from there. Thanks once again. Iain

On the road again

Strewth! The trusty RM's are good for another three-year walkabout thanks to my friends at Original Cobblers. The work is a bewdy, mate, and the boots look new all over again - not bad for a pair of 15 year old knockabouts. Seriously, a great company that knows its craft inside out.