Red Wing have been making some of Americas most durable and stylish boots for over a century but unlike there well-tanned uppers the sole will need replacing from time to time. Red Wing’s footwear were designed to last for years, gaining comfort and patina.

When breaking in a new pair of boots is normally a chore, this is the best part of Red Wing boots as they only improve the look and comfort. Unfortunately just as you get them moulded to your...

RM Williams repairs

We are very pleased to say we are now able to offer original units for RM Williams boots. RM Williams have designed many comfortable and hard wearing boots since their first design in 1932, But as time goes on and we enjoy their boots we need to give them a little TLC from time to time and what better way than sending them to us for expert attention. RM Williams have worked with us very closely to insure the original quality of manufacture is upheld within the repair...

snap and send

We often have customers ask us where they can buy a specific pair of shoes and try to describe in detail what they look like. Unfortunately trying to describe over the phone exactly what you are after can be time consuming or impossible to portray. I'm sure everyone has been to a shop or gathering for example and seen the perfect shoe, thinking that would look superb if it had an extra strap, red sole, smaller buckle or something...... Working as close as we do with shoe manufacturers and...

Ladies Shoe Repairs
  • Recovering or replacement stiletto heels
  • Replacement insox
  • Sole & heel replacement
  • Zip repairs including handbags

We understand the relationship between a woman and her shoes and aim to cater for their every need. We understand as seasons change so does the fashion, that favourite pair you purchased two seasons ago may no longer be available. But don't despair because we work so closely within the footwear manufacturing world we are normally...

Military Shoe Repairs
  • We have been repairing boots for the military and Metropolitan Police for many decades
  • Our expertise in shoe repair speaks for itself through our clients

We have been dealing with individual and trade bulk military repairs, in and out of London for over 30 years. We are based in a large factory Within the M25 which is an ideal location for the servicing of all the london based barracks. Our unique factory set up enables us to have adequate space and staff to cope...

We have the experience and knowledge to carry out any form of shoe repair. Not only repairing all varieties of men’s and women’s shoes, We specialise in a range of bespoke repair services from equestrian to orthopaedic.

We have built up a fantastic reputation within the designer and bespoke world, and have serviced the Metropolitan Police, Armed Forces, and many shoe companies, top shoe designers and businesses.

If you have been looking for an old fashion cobbler with old...

Equestrian Shoe Repair

Purchasing a good quality pair of boots is probably one of the best investments you can make. Riders at any level know the importance of good riding boots and it is worth while spending that little bit extra to buy a pair of top quality boots that fit well and will withstand the needs of the rider weather it be hacking, hunting or just looking good in the show ring. Although a good clean and polish will prolong the life of your boots inevitably the time will come when they need a little more...

Dance and Sport Shoe Repair

Dance Shoes Repair:

We service all types of dance shoes, ranging from Ballet and Tap right through to ballroom. When the way you look and move is really important, worn out and shabby looking dance shoes can really stop you from being at your best. Original Cobblers can repair and refurbish your dance shoes beautifully, giving you the added control and confidence you deserve.

Sports Footwear Repair:

Good sports footwear is imperative to...