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RM Williams complete makeover

Original Cobblers did a superb job!

After 20 years of frequent wear, my RM Gardener boots were in for a complete makeover: after several heel replacements here in Germany, new elastic gussets, heel liners, insulated soles and heels and heel pads were desperately needed. My internet research led me to Original Cobblers where I mailed my RMs. All my inquiries were always promptly answered and when my RMs arrived back here in Germany, they were actually far better than they had ever been.

Ariat half chaps

I thoroughly recommend Original Cobblers.Nothing is too much trouble and they let you know what needs doing and costs. I sent them a pair of Ariat half chaps two other people wouldn’t even touch.In real desperation I contacted Original Cobblers and what great find! It turned out all that was wrong with the chaps was the fact that the zip hadn’t been fitted correctly when new. I was so impressed by their customer service that I sent them a second pair this time to been made wider and again brilliant workmanship you wouldn’t know they had been altered.Thanks again to Original Cobblers

Louboutin red sole

OMG !!!!!!!! 

Just recived my louboutin's back after being advised by friends to have a rubber sole fitted. I have had this done many times in the past by Timpsons but always found their soles chunky and heavy.

these guys fitted a really thin gloss red sole fitted so well the sole edge is the same thickness as original, sooooooooo over the moon the red gloss is exactly the same colour and finish as the original sole.

really wouldnt know the front half is now rubber.

Red Wing boots resole

Really pleased with the work, care and resole of my Red Wing boots, which I've had since 1992 and you have given new life to! They look and feel fantastic. Excellent cutomer service; I was treated as an individual, valued customer and listened to, (my boots were not bought in the UK and are a small size). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Original Cobblers to anyone. Thank you - you deserve the business!


R M Williams Boots

In December I was foolish enough to walk in snowy conditions where salt had been put down.  Within an hour it had destroyed the leather soles of my beloved R M Williams boots.  Luckily, I sent them to you and, over the New Year period they were fitted with a pair of comfort soles.  I received them today and the quality of the repair is superb; they are literally as good as new.  Thanks for the excellent service.

Boot Refurbish

The team here are amazing. The FULL heels on my old but loved boots were replaced at an extremely reasonable price, within a couple of days, giving them years of life again. The workmanship is exceptional and I cannot recommend them enough. My husband had his cowboy boots completely resoled and heeled here (upper part totally removed from sole and refitted) and again an exceptional job and price. On one occasion I had a problem with a zip on a boot and took it in expecting it to be replaced.


Am absolutely delighted with the outcome of the re-stitching of my UGG's actually a brand new pair which upon my first wear the seam came apart, they have have repaired and it would be difficult to know which boot they mended, can't recommend highly enough, so glad I found you through google.  Merry Xmas to you all.  Festive Fun Liz :-)