Mens Shoe Repairs

Mens Shoe Repairs

We have built a well deserved reputation as one of the UK's finest footwear restoration companies. Restoring bespoke footwear to such a high standard that many of London's footwear manufacturers send their client's shoes to us for a full restoration, knowing they will be repaired using the same methods their maker used when the shoes were first commissioned. We offer the same level of craftsmanship but a much faster service than having them sent off to the manufacturer.

we have tried to simplify the repair service by putting together a few basic packages, feel free to contact us if you require another service not listed bellow.

Once you have chosen a service there is a link on the right and menu bar for our Postal service.

Page updated 14/10/2023


Custom Grade  £175

Old sole and heel removed, Cork and Shank Replaced, Welt stitches removed, Finest Oak Bark soles Fitted and stitched, replacement heel block, Oak Bark heel with brass nails, replacement leather heel pads, damaged uppers fixed/ stitched, uppers cleaned fed coloured and polished then a fresh set of laces to complete the transformation.

Is an ideal package for individuals who apreciate the craftsmanship, quality and comfort of custom-grade footwear. Remade by our most experianced artisan with over 30yrs experience in the hand made shoe industry.

Full Leather service £120

Old sole and heel removed, Cork and shank replaced, leather sole matched to the original fitted and stitched, Block and new heel fitted, uppers cleaned and polished.

This package is perfectly crafted for everyday shoes. With materials chosen from the tannery for both durability and comfort. restoring the footwears structural integrity and comfort.

Full Rubber Service £105

Old sole unit removed, Cork and Shank replaced, Full rubber unit ie Danite/Commando unit fitted and stitched on, replacement heel and Block fitted, uppers cleaned and polished. 

Machine made sole units made by Quality manufactures well respected within the footwear industry like Vibram, Danite, commando are ideal for winter and wet weather uses.

Half sole & Heel £80

Front half of sole removed, Cork replaced, replacement Half sole fitted and stitched, heel tip replaced, uppers cleaned and polished.

A perfect balance of budget and craftsmanship, why replace the entire sole if only parts are in need of attention. quality materials skilfully crafted into the original sole by one of our specialist craftsmen.




                      Additional Extras

  • Protective rubber over soles     £16.95 pr
  • Flush Fitted Metal Toes             £16.95 pr
  • Leather Heel Linings (shoes)     £30.00 pr
  • Leather Heel Linings (boots)     £40.00pr
  • leather heel bindings                £30.00
  • New  Welts                               £55-forepart, £65-seat to seat, £75-360*
  • Invisible Patches                       £9.90
  • Replacement Middle Sole's      £14.95
  • 1 Week Fast Track                     £18.00


As soon as the shoes enter our factory they undergo a full examination to determine the extent of the repair service they will require including inner board, linings, seats, welts, uppers and finally the soles and heels, all of which can be repaired in house. If the work required to restore your shoes exceeds the package chosen, one of our repairs team will call to discuss further options.

Please note prices do not include the return courier fee of £7.95