Orthopedic Shoe Repair

Orthopedic Shoe Repair

If you’re looking for stylish orthopedic footwear to help manage a new or existing condition we can offer a solution tailored to your individual needs. Original Cobblers believe comfort and style should be accessible to everyone for every need and every occasion.

We have been repairing and altering orthopedic shoes and boots for over 30 years and can alter almost any type of footwear.

We use high quality, tough, and lightweight surgical materials for all our alterations. This is extremely important for the balance and comfort of your shoes. Our aim during the alteration process is to keep the change as subtle as possible and retain both style and comfort.


On flat shoes and trainers we hand cut a thin layer about 3-8mm off your sole and craft the lightweight build-up material to your shoe before re-attaching the original sole. This helps retain the shoes original appearance whilst remaining light weight enough to be worn all day. Although stiletto heels cannot often be raised for safety reasons, we can lower the other shoe giving you the same height difference needed. Platform heels work especially well in this instance as we can lower the platform as well.

Many shoe shops will allow you to purchase a pair of shoes on the understanding that if for some reason they cannot be altered they will offer a full refund. Very rarely do we see a shoe that can’t be adjusted. If you are unsure as to whether a pair can be altered take a picture on your camera phone and email us direct.

Pricing we charge just £85,95 for the raises Up to 20mm and then just £10 per 10mm thereafter to cover material costs. Prices do not include the £7.95 return courier

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      Original Cobblers Orthopaedic Build up

          Flat through sole, same thickness throughout with a rocker toe to aid walking. Ideal if the raise prevents the shoe from flexing.

        Original Cobblers Orthopaedic Build up

          Flat through sole, same thickness throughout  perfect for alterations upto 10mm


          Wedged raise, tapered from heel to toe. suited for smaller raises.


          Stepped wedge, four part normally half the thickness of the heel. Excellent for disguising the larger raise. This is our default shoe raise, should no design be requested we will use this style.


          Raised heel and separate sole raise, Optimal for retaining shoe flexibility


          Flat through sole under the heel block, the best way to sympathetically add a raise on heeled footwear.




You may already have an altered shoe that you find perfect, we can work our magic using just a picture and existing measurments.

We can also add raises to sandals and slippers, these generally require the raise to be added on top of the original sole and cost approx 20% less than the styles above.

Pictures of our work can be found on our social media platforms and our reviews speak for themselves.