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From Ugly Duckling Into Swans!

I had been searching in vain to find a cobbler who might rescue by beloved brown leather Hobbs boots. They were several years old and well worn to the point the welt was well gone and I had been turned away by several local cobblers. 

A kind traditional cobbler (not Timpsons) recommended Shoe-Repairs/Original Cobblers. I initially emailed my boot situation and the service was great from start to finish. 

But today when I opened up the box it was a delight to see my old ugly duckling boots transformed in to the former glory and now wearable with pride. 

louboutin heels

Sent my louboutins in for a simple heel tip replacment, these small heels dont last long and i dont trust my local guy anymore after he snapped the heel of my Jimmy's. i was told repairs can take upto three weeks but they will use the original size heel not a large bit of rubber cut to fit. two days later they're back looking like new, no glue or ink all over the shoe, the heels are the same height and balanced. I paid £30 but i guess you get what you pay for now days and it did include all the postage costs so im well happy.

happy girl T 

My Beloved Red Wings Brought Back to Life

Original Cobblers was recommended to me by a friend who has a crazy amount of Red Wing boots and has used this cobbler for years to resole/repair his vast collection. Personally, I've had my fair share over the past decades - Back in the states you just take them in to your local Red Wing shop for any repairs/resole - but living over here (UK) I was unsure of where to go to get authentic Red Wing repairs/resoling done. Well, this is the place to go if you want everything used on your Red Wings to be from Red Wing. Also, the service was great and was done in a timely manner.

Wow! Fantastic Job

My poor R.M Williams boots lay neglected in my cupboard as I searched frantically for somewhere to have them soled. The original leather sole was no match for the wet Irish weather!

I found Original Cobblers and my boots have been brought back to life  with a resistant sole to counter the damp. Its an amazing job and my boots will now give me years more comfort and pleasure.

Great job by all @Original Cobblers

Thank you


My Favourite Boots

You don’t trust just anyone to refurbish an expensive pair of boots. These weren’t just expensive boots - they were my favourite Jimmy Choo Boots. I have used this company to restore various expensive items over the years.  New soles were required and they looked like new when they arrived home. The leather has also been cleaned to within an inch of its life. Beautiful job particularly as the boots were platinum coloured. I’m so happy. Excellent workmanship, good customer service and reasonably priced. Thank you and keep up the good work. Highly recommended 5 stars from me!

Resoling my Red Wing Boots

I am not normally one to write reviews but feel that the excellent service I received from Original Cobblers is worth sharing. I have had my Red Wing boots for about 15 years and they have just got better looking and more comfortable with age. The soles were starting to go though and so I sent them down to Orpington to be resoled. I was a bit wary of the price as noral resoles have always been a lot cheaper on work shoes and the like but this has now given me years more wear on my favourite shoes. The service and communication was very good and they arrived back promptly.

RM Williams Repair

Perfect Repair

4 years of almost constant wear & tear to my RM Williams Suede Boots had left the soles & heels in a sorry state.

A few weeks without them was a reasonable sacrifice, and it was well worth the wait as Original Cobblers have done a beautiful job.

I would recommend them for any repairs; my boots are in an 'as new' condition ready for another few years service.

Thank you Original Cobblers!

Tony Lama Re-Welt & Re-Sole

I have just recieved these back from having a re-welt & re-sole and am still astounded at the high quality of workmanship.   I purcased these boots in Texas and they are over ten years old.  Thanks to Original Cobblers they now look like new and are ready for another decade of use.

The staff were helpful all the way through answering all my questions and keeping me informed as to how the work was progressing.  This was often done by phone which is incredible considering that I now reside in France.