Dance and Sport Shoe Repair

Dance and Sport Shoe Repair

Dance Shoes Repair:

We service all types of dance shoes, ranging from Ballet and Tap right through to ballroom. When the way you look and move is really important, worn out and shabby looking dance shoes can really stop you from being at your best. Original Cobblers can repair and refurbish your dance shoes beautifully, giving you the added control and confidence you deserve.

Sports Footwear Repair:

Good sports footwear is imperative to the sports enthusiast. As we deal with most manufacturers in Europe, we have access to most original sole units. It would be such a waste to throw away your favourite sports shoes, walking or hiking boots, just after you have broken them in and they have become really comfortable. Once we have replaced the sole, heels, eyelets and laces they will be as good as new.

We can also convert your stitched/welted shoes (any make) into golf shoes with fitted golf spikes. We can fit; Commando golfer, Dainite, Vibram, Ridgeway, Rambler, Huskey, Gumlite and Sebago and many more.