In time for Christmas

     As we approach that most wonderful time of the year it seems our 'To Do' lists grow increasingly longer with each passing day. Autumn is upon us and with Winter just around the corner our focus shifts to keeping warm and dry during the wetter months. Boots of all shapes and sizes are being pulled out of storage and dusted off ready to carry us through another Winter.

Summer 2021

As the sun decides to shine upon us we notice a decline in trade, this is an anual issue broght on by the use of Flip Flops and other disposable summer footwear. As a thriving business that struggles to find time for maintainance and machinery upgrades we use these business slumps to our advantage and have two week break from cobbling. Sending  in the Plumbers, Builders and Electricians keeping us safe and upto date with the latest equipment. We have remained open last year offering our services and this year our Elves really need the rest. 

Lockdown liffted

We are very pleased to announce we are open and trading once more. Hope all our customers have remained well and we are very much looking forward to helping you soon.
We have altered our trading hrs for the foreseeable future so check our contact us page, basically we decided to start and hour early and leave an hour early. Spending time with the family is important, it shouldn't be all work work work (even if we do love it).
Well half the year has already gone and although we have had some cracking weather already the summer just around the corner.

Corona Virus business closure

We have closed our factory, shop and office following government advise and guidelines. This should help protect our customers and staff including the unique skills they have Acquired in the many years with us. All works within the factory are safe and very secure and work will commence as soon as we are all safe to resume, our staff are already itching to return. 

This pandemic will hit every Global business hard, especially the small family run companies like ours. Once this pandemic has passed our services should continue as before and I look foward to your continued support. 

Summer Closure

We will be closing our Factory, Shop & Office from 6th July until 22nd July. 
To keep the repair quality in place our customers expect, twice a year we give the whole place a deep clean, this includes un plugging and moving all the heavy machinery. We choose our quietest business times normally just before the school Holidays and Christmas.
Our repair time for postal customers is currently approx 2weeks and we aim to return all customers repairs sent in before the cleaning crew arrive. 

Anual Holiday

Since Christmas our elves have been working very hard this year and we have decided to let them relax for a few days.

We will be closed from September 3rd until September 10th for annuals leave.

Annual closures are important for us as we use this time to clear out all backlogs of customer shoes, renovate our shop and customer area, install new machinery and undertake staff training.

Your email inquiries will still be answered as will Facebook and Instagram Messages.

Birkenstock Repairs

Well it looks like summer is here for a while now so time to tan those toes and dig out and dust off your pre loved and forgotten sandals. If you find they could use a little TLC we are here to help, broken toe pegs, busted buckles or just a resole on your Birkenstock we are here to keep you walking right throughout the year.

Without wishing to dampen your spirits too much i am sure monsoon weather wont be far away so you could make full use of our services having your boots serviced during our calmer months. Wether it be full refurbish or just a quick waterproof and heel.

The Power Of Social Media

We are relatively new to social media, being an old fashioned cobbler i feel i can be excused for joining the party so late. We have always looked at the past and kept the old hand crafts alive when restoring customers leather goods and never thought about how modern day Technologies could aid our services. It was our fresh blood that introduced us to social media and the world we could reach beyond our old style workshop.