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Vintage Swedish army boots

I sent in a much loved pair of vintage 1940s Swedish army boots for a full leather sole replacement, plus new metal horse shoes and toe tips, as well as some stitching repairs. I had been looking for a cobblers to replace the worn out horse shoe pelts but couldn't find one anywhere which had the right size. Original Cobblers had them and have done an amazing job at a very reasonable price. I will definitely be returning to them for future work on my boots and shoes. Thank you!

First Class

Thank you for doing such a great job on a pair of very weary Birkenstocks. I had tried to reattach the wearing soles myself a couple of times, and the glue that was visible from my clumsy attempts has been completed removed as part of the resoling. Good as new - brilliant!


I wish to thank you for a fantastic job that you done on my shoes in that you replaced the ordinary heel with a Cuban heel,   This was a job other shoe repairers turned down because they said it could no be done. I am pleased that I found your site.once again thank you.

Regards, Gerry .


R M Williams

I've been wearing RM willians boots for a long time, easily the best quality repair I've experienced quick turnaround and great communication,

as good as sending back to Australia without the pain ,

real craftsmanship, the boots looked new, well worth £100, i just packed up my next pair ,



Much loved boots!

The suede on one of my boots ripped, but not along the seam.  I sent it off to the Original Cobblers who said they could repair it but not to have too high expectations of how invisible it would be.  They also said they were busy - but I was not in any rush so sent it off.  Within 2 weeks I have my boot back and the repair is amazing - unless you look really closely at the boot you cannot see it.  Thank you so much.