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Shoe alterations

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So you have a mental image of the ideal pair of shoes, maybe came to you in a dream? We often have customers ask us where they can buy a specific pair of shoes and try to describe in detail what they look like. We see many different designs of footwear on a daily basis and can more often than not help identify the shoes they have seen or envisaged. Most of the time trying to describe over the phone exactly what you want can be time consuming or impossible to portray. I'm sure everyone has been to a shop or gathering for example and seen the perfect shoe, thinking that would look superb if it had an extra strap, lower heel, red sole, smaller buckle or something...... Most phones have a camera nowadays so make use of it. Its easy, just snap shot and email us a picture. A member of our team will reply asap and let you know if we can adapt them to resemble the dream. Working as close as we do with shoe manufacturers and bespoke shoe makers we can alter almost any type of footwear with such skill it would look as though it were made that way. So get snapping you would be surprised what can be done.