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The boots I wore daily for 4 years look like new (full resoling)

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I sent in my favourite pair of tan leather ankle boots to be completely resoled, as the sole was just falling apart (coming apart from the shoe). I went with Original Cobblers solely on the strength of the reviews here on the website. I first emailed pictures of my boots in their sorry state, and got a very quick reply with a quote. My boots came back six weeks later, which wasn't a problem and there was excellent communication with Original Cobblers throughout, esp. regarding the time the repairs would take. The boots look brand new now, the sole has been replaced as promised and the boots have a lovely polish. The toes were badly scratched before but now they look pristine. As the inner sole was also damaged, Original Cobblers included a pair of leather insoles. These weren't the right size, so I called them about it and received the right size insoles 24 hours later. Couldn't be happier about the repairs and the whole process, which was very professional and very well managed (I received an update at each step of the process). Am now looking at the rest of my shoe collection to see which ones could benefit from the Original Cobblers treatment! Thank you so much.

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