The Power Of Social Media

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We are relatively new to social media, being an old fashioned cobbler i feel i can be excused for joining the party so late. We have always looked at the past and kept the old hand crafts alive when restoring customers leather goods and never thought about how modern day Technologies could aid our services. It was our fresh blood that introduced us to social media and the world we could reach beyond our old style workshop. Not just potential customers but more importantly for us Suppliers, many of our suppliers have been lost over the years due to cheaper machine made products flooding our shores. I was so excited to the possibilities just like my first day of training, i was even able to find some of my old work colleges from T.W Clark & Son the place i earned my first callus. 

We have been able to find parts for old machines, locate old friends, make plenty off new ones and all without even mentioning the extra Visibility my company has gained. we now have customers across the globe sending specialist work our way.

So maybe there is a little room for new skills in this very old trade, and Maybe the young have a few tricks they can teach us!