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Fast Track



We are very well respected within the repair industry and our skills are under constant demand so we book work into timed slots, this can lead to repairs waiting in a que taking upto three weeks and another week for admin and assesment, if needed you can use our Fast Track service to jump this queue

Fast Tracking will bring your repairs/ alterations direct from the mail room to a bench man where they will be repaired and returned to the mail room within 5 working days, possibly quicker for straight forward repairs.

This service costs an additional £18 per job but can be perfect for time sensitive situations like weddings, holidays or competitions. 

We return items via DPD next day service and would advise using a next day service yourself to get items to us as our Free Post service can take three-five working days to arrive.

To use this service simply check the Fast Track box on your order form and mark the outside of your parcel with Urgent or Fast Track as again these will be opened and booked in first.