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RM Williams

We are very pleased to say we are now able to offer original units for RM Williams boots. RM Williams have designed many comfortable and hard wearing boots since their first design in 1932, But as time goes on and we enjoy their boots we need to give them a little TLC from time to time and what better way than sending them to us for expert attention. RM Williams have worked with us very closely to insure the original quality of manufacture is upheld within the repair services we now offer. Original Cobblers has been approved  by RM Williams in Australia for their UK repairs and stock their genuine parts including soles, heels, elastic gussets and even genuine boot pulls. 

Currently we stock the Comfort, Insulated, Leather and the Dynamic sole units but others may be available via special order.


If you do not see the unit required below we will not have it in stock but may be able to special order it.​

Page updated 20/01/2024


RM Williams Comfort Sole Original Cobblers 

                                  Replacement heel £42.95 per pair/ Comfort sole unit + heel £110 per pair  

                                  IN STOCK

RM Williams Insulated sole Original Cobblers 

                                  Replacement heel £42.95 per pair/    Insulated sole unit + heel £110 per pair 

                                  IN STOCK

RM Williams gammon sole Original Cobblers

                                  Replacement heel £42.95 per pair/    Gammon sole unit + heel £110 per pair  

                                  IN STOCK

RM Williams Leather Soles Original Cobblers

                                  Replacement heel £42.95 per pair/ Leather sole unit + heel £110 per pair  

                                  IN STOCK

RM Williams Dynamic Sole Unit Original Cobblers 

                                  Replacement heel £42.95 per pair/ Dynamic sole unit + heel £110 per pair  

                                  IN STOCK



RM Williams internal linings Original Cobblers

                                                Replacement Genuine RM Williams Heel Pads £6

                                               Genuine RM Williams Cushion 3/4Insoles Boxed £22

RM Williams Dynamic Flex Insoles Original Cobblers

                                           Genuine RM Williams Dynamic Flex Comfort Innersoles Boxed £36    IN STOCK


                Internal Heel Linings £30.00, will require a set of elastic gussets at the same time

Replacement boot pulls £12 each or £40 for the set of 4

Elastic gussets £25 each or £90 for the set of 4  (Genuine RM elastic)

Full leather Welt £55 forpart, £75 seat to seat, £85 all the way round

Premium polish set £7 (including brush)


To proceed with any of our services please visit our Postal link or click on the Postal Service picture on the right.

​Please note prices do not include the £7.95 return courier fee.


As a fully equipped repair factory we are able to offer many other services including, orthopaedic alterations and anything else your footwear may require. For information regarding R M Williams repairs you can email us at info@shoe-repairs.co.uk.

We are an authorized repairer of RM Williams boots, all our work has been tested and approved by RM Williams Australia and have been since 2014.