Autumn is Coming

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With the show jumping season drawing to an end and the wetter weather just around the corner, now is the time to inspect and service your competition boots. Every year we receive a massive influx of ridding boots in desperate need of our talents days before the new season. With the expensive holidays now over and everyone is closely watching every well earned penny, protecting the boots you invested in a while ago makes great sense. we are able to replace zip runners that no longer bite or replace the whole zip in the exact way it was originally fitted giving a flawless finish. poppers and keeper straps are always getting damaged, for a few pounds these can also be repaired and even lost ones replaced. we are a service provider and can provide any service your beloved boots may need just a quick call, email or even a picture via our NEW snap and send feature can give you an answer today. Here are a few free tips from us... STICKING RUNNERS if your zip runner is sticking the best lubricant available is one of the common QUICK SHINE sponges, just a quick wipe of the teeth and vola. the silicone on the wipe lubricates and stops dust and debris sticking pre longing the zip life. WORN SOLES Please, Please never have just a half sole or protective sole fitted to riding boots. Although a cheaper option than the full sole these are extremely dangerous, we have heard horror stories where the horse has reared and the rider has been unable to dismount safely because the sole had come loose and stuck in the stirrup. we are always here for free advise and happy to help