Being prepared

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Although the sun is not with us just yet we have all been assured its just around the corner. As the seasons change so does our wardrobe and footwear needs, here are a few steps you can take to stay ahead.

Dig out your sandals, sliders and slipon's and give them a good freshening up. They may just need deodorizing or re-colouring here and there. This is a great time to assess if they need replacing or repairing. Doing this now will ensure you are ready for the week or two of sun us Brits like to call "Summer". If you decide you deserve to treat yourself to some new footwear, getting out now to purchase them will keep you ahead of the stampede and allow for shoe protection to be added or alterations made well in time for when they will be needed. 

Wearing Sandals and flipflops or any footwear consecutively will impair their longevity, try to rotate them and use a good anti bacterial deodorizer.

Buy a cheap pair of sandals you can leave in the car. We see so many really nice quality summer shoes ruined because the customer wore them paddling or wading through streams. A spare hand towel is also a great idea for the car.

Check your watches again now the summer is almost here. Our watches are on show more and less protected by our sleeves. Pay special attention to the strap and fixings. Nobody wants to lose an expensive watch because the strap has become brittle and cracked/split.

Dig out your handbags there will be some ideal for a day at the beach or a quick trip to the beer garden, you may have forgotten about that thread bare handle or broken clasp. Again getting it fixed now will ensure it will be ready. You can also buy colouring creams for scuffed edges or worn patches.

Take a look at the wet weather footwear you have and think about giving them an overhaul now so you are ready for the sudden down pours Britain loves mid summer. Cobblers see the summer as a quiet time as summer shoes are only worn for a few weeks and need repairing less often, perfect time for a good deal on your winter favourites.

Once the winter footwear is ready for Autumn store them somewhere dry and room temperature, definitely not in direct sunlight or close to a heat source.

Again we are always here for free advise you just need to ask.


Now you're prepared lets wait for the sun!