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I would not recommend this company. My boots have taken over twice as long as stated to return despite an express service. They have now gone missing through their delivery company dpd, despite being signed for by someone else, somewhere else. Several nights and many hours wasted trying to get through to dpd. Completely impossible. I have also sent several emails to original cobblers about this as they sent them through dpd, and no response at all of any nature. Very poor customer care and service. 


To be Fair the repair was

To be Fair the repair was carried out on time and at the cost quoted,

we use DPD next day delivery service as stated, the delay in your boots return was due to your account with PDP and your request on their file to deliver your parcels to a third party drop off point. we spent two days tracking them for you before finding you had a special arangment with them for your deliveries.

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