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Red Wing have been making some of Americas most durable and stylish boots for over a century but unlike there well-tanned uppers the sole will need replacing from time to time. Red Wing’s footwear were designed to last for years, improving with age.

When breaking in a new pair of boots is normally a chore this is the best part of Red Wing boots as they only improve the look and comfort, but just as you get them molded to your feet and style of walking you find the miles have taken their toll on the sole.

Maintaining the sole should be part of the care given to these fantastic boots and it will always be more cost effective to get any work done sooner rather than later. The sole offers the boot most of its strength and an excessively worn sole can compromise the structure of the upper.

Original Cobblers have been repairing Red Wing Footwear for 6 years now and are the only Authorized UK repairer. With the quality craftsmanship we offer we have been granted access to their aftermarket products.


If you do not see the unit required below we will not have it in stock but may be able to special order it.

​Prices do not include the £6.95 return courier fee.



neoprene cushion @ Original Cobblers

       Neoprene Cushion £90.00 Per Pair


Atlas Tread @ Original Cobblers

      Chukka Resole £105.00 includes replacement middles per pair


Hill Weekender @ Original Cobblers

       Hill Weekender £90.00 Per Pair


chemigum @ Original Cobblers

       ChemiGum £105.00 Per Pair, Heel's only £40


Nitrile Cork @ Original Cobblers

       Nitrile Cork £105.00 Per Pair, Heel's only £40


Vibram Mini Lug @ Original Cobblers

      Vibram Mini Lug £105.00 Per Pair, Heel's only £40


Black Traction Tread @ Original Cobblers
       Black Traction Tread £90.00 per pair
White Traction Tread @ Original Cobblers
       White Traction Tread £90.00 Per Pair
Beckman @ Original Cobblers
       Beckman Resole £110.00 Per Pair, Rubber Heels £50, 
Vibram Lug @ Original Cobblers
       Vibram Lug £90.00 Per Pair
Engineer @ Original Cobblers
      Engineer resole £140.00 Per Pair, Heels only £40


Lace Hooks @ Original Cobblers                         

      Speed hooks: £15 Per set of four



    Replacement colour  matched middle composite £15

    Replacement leather middles including re-corking  £18

    Replacement leather internal foot beds (inner boards)  £24

    Full leather welt replacement £40

    Internal heel linings £30

    New Genuine Redwing Laces per pair £5

    Please be sure to request new laces on your order form to avoid disappointment.   

    To proceed with any of our services please visit our FREE-POST link or click on the FREE POST picture on the right.


          As a fully equipped repair factory there are many more services we can offer including fitting zips to the inside of these boots making it easier to put on and take off.

          If you require work that is not listed on this page please contact us before sending boots to us for free advise, we will be more than happy to help.

          If your boots require more work than requested you will be contacted before commencing any work.